Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blog Tour Review: Need by Stephanie Lawton

Hi everyone! I'm Jennifer. WAY back in the day I was a moderator on the Mundie Moms forum and now review YA/ NA books for Novel Thoughts. Today I'm so so excited to be guest reviewing the amazing adult sequel/ companion to the YA novel Want by Stephanie Lawton. And a big thanks to Mundie Moms and Katie for letting me and my slightly incoherent thoughts on here!

By: Stephanie Lawton
Released on: May 17th, 2013 (tomorrow!)
5 Stars: LOVED IT!
Source: eARC from author to review/ bought
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Isaac Laroche is cursed. All he wants to do is hide out and feel sorry for himself. Never mind that he got caught sleeping with his seventeen-year-old piano student, or that he abandoned her when the truth was exposed.

Isaac’s feisty high school sweetheart has different plans. Heather Swann has returned to their hometown of Mobile, Alabama, to regroup after breaking up with her troll of a fiancĂ©. She’s restless and looking for a diversion, but she bites off more than she can chew when she sets her sights on rehabilitating Isaac with her unorthodox sexual, mental, and physical plans.

The two quickly reconnect, but their happiness is threatened by family secrets, old vendettas and the death of a beloved father-figure.

Can Heather handle Isaac’s baggage, or will her own come back to haunt them both?


**WARNING: This is a sequel. While it’s a companion book, there will be spoilers for Want by Stephanie Lawton.

When I was first told by Stephanie Lawton that there was going to be an adult sequel to Want. I got excited. Like, really, really excited. Even when she warned me that it was darker and twisted. Hey, whatever. Bring it on. And I have to say it felt sooo good being back in Ms. Lawton’s completely crazy-pants South.

In Want, we read of Juli, a seventeen-year-old piano prodigy who falls in love with her much older, very sexy and very messed-up piano teacher Isaac Laroche. In Need, we follow Isaac and the trail of disaster in his wake. After the cataclysmic events in Want, the last person you are probably sympathetic towards is Isaac. And you might even think, ‘bah, why would I want to read a book about that ass?’ Well, believe me, he’s about to get his delivered in the package of small, feisty, slightly insane and yet focused, Heather Swann, his ex from high school. She’s made it her mission to whip (maybe figuratively, maybe literally) bad boy Isaac into a Southern gent.

What I loved about Want was the totally insanity of the characters and setting. The mix of a traditional Deep South town and crazy characters is just asking for an implosion of anything logical. I thought, oh, no way could there be anything crazier than some of the stuff that happened in Want. Oh, wow, was I ever wrong. There were several moments, where I paused, looked at my sleeping cat and said ‘no, oh, surely what’s happening isn’t what I think is happening, no!’ The cat didn’t respond and I kept reading to discover, yes it was. My twisted intuition was in fact, correct. If Ms. Lawton excels at anything, it is to take the fragile construct of a situation and Hiroshima it into the next universe.

So Want was blush-worthy. It was steamy and sexy, but still written for the older YA audiences. Need gave a friendly wave as it passed right on by and into adult romance. Like, holy hotness, Batman! I’m still as red as my hair! But even with all of the X-rated yumminess, there was distinct humor running alongside the schexy and the crazy. Can’t lie, upon the term ‘manscaping’ I burst into a fit of the giggles that lasted about 20 minutes. Not to mention the sheer outlandishness of Heather Swann. Never ceased to make me laugh, even if it was a half-embarrassed, half-blushing laugh.

I’ve read everything Stephanie Lawton has put out, 2 novels, a novella and a short story and I have to say I will continue to read anything and everything she produces. She could probably write a computer manual or a history textbook and I’d read it. That being said, I do hope she writes more Southern gothics. She writes them so well and so deviously delicious.


  1. You rocked this review! Now I need to go pick up book 1 and this one and read them! Thank you for sharing this on MM's Jennifer.

  2. I'm still laughing like an idiot over this ... ;) You're the best, Jennifer!