Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wilde For Her by Tonya Burrows, Blog Tour: Excerpt & Giveaway

Welcome to today's WILDE FOR HER Brazen book tour. Today's stop features an excerpt and a giveaway! Warning, today's excerpt is for mature eyes ONLY! This excerpt is context taken right out of the book, and these books are ADULT books. Guilty Pleasure readers, this title is NOW available!

Friends with benefits just got hotter.

Former homicide detective Camden Wilde has been in love with his ex-partner, Eva Cardoso, for longer than he cares to admit. Not that it matters. She’s shoved him into the friend zone, and after living through the hell of his parents’ violent deaths, Cam’s unable to give her the idyllic life she secretly desires.

Eva’s never met a person who hasn’t let her down. Cam may be sex personified, but he’s the only man she can trust, and there’s no way she’ll risk their friendship on the off-chance they could be more. Especially not after the one scintillating night she’s trying—and failing—to forget.

When a murder-for-hire contract on his head lands Eva on his doorstep, Cam knows it’s time to put up or shut up. He’s done biding his time, and he’ll be damned if he lets the delectable detective ignore what’s between them, no matter the cost.

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Read an Excerpt: (For MATURE READER EYES ONLY)

Walking out of the kitchen was the hardest thing he had ever done, knowing that this might be the end of their friendship and he’d never see her again when the snowstorm ended. But she had to make a choice and she couldn’t do it with him hanging around, riling her up.
He shut himself in the en suite off his bedroom and leaned on the sink, refusing to let the sense of defeat rising in his chest get him down. She wanted him as much as he did her. He knew it without a shred of doubt. So why was it so damn hard for her to admit?
“She’ll come around,” he told his reflection. He just had to be patient a little longer.
But, hell, after five years he was nearly out of patience.
Groaning at himself, he shoved away from the sink and stripped off his sweatpants. He started the shower and jumped in without checking the water temp, welcoming the blast of ice over his head until his nipples pebbled, goose bumps prickled across his skin, and his boys threatened shrinkage. Only then did he adjust the water to a more comfortable temperature, but that was as far as he got. A hot shower wasn’t the kind of heat he’d wanted when he woke up this morning. Stupid of him to hope for more from her, but after last night’s mutual masturbation session, he had.
She’d called his name as she came. And he imagined her doing it again as he pounded mercilessly into her, punishing her for making him so crazy.
His cock strained out from his body, looking for something it wasn’t going to get any time soon. He wrapped a hand around his shaft, stroking it none too gently, punishing himself for wanting something he shouldn’t. But, yeah, his heart wasn’t in it. Besides, there was something sleazy about whacking off in the shower when the object of his desire sat in the other room. Disgusted, he reached for the bar of soup—
And the bathroom door opened.
Holy shit. He almost didn’t dare look and turned slowly, afraid he might spook her. Through the steaming glass of the shower door, he watched her strip off her shirt and drop it beside his pants. Next, she reached around to unclasp her bra and that hit the floor, too, her nipples pebbling in the humid air. He swallowed a groan as she slid her thumbs into the waistband of her sweatpants and pushed them down. She wasn’t wearing panties.
She pulled open the shower door, but hesitated and lifted her gaze to his.
This was it, the part where she’d start worrying and second guessing. He saw the indecision in her eyes and braced himself for the sting of yet another rejection. If she ran this time, he would not chase her. If she ran… Well, that would probably be the death of everything good between them.
“I want you, too,” she said and stepped into the shower, closing the door firmly behind her.
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  1. Loved this scene :D And the book is HHOOTT!!!!

    1. Thank you Sonia! Glad you enjoyed Cam & Eva's story!

  2. Hot excerpt. Will have to read this ASAP