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Game for Trouble by Karen Erickson, Book Review

By: Karen Erickson
Published by: Brazen
Released on: 10.28.13
Series: Game For It #2
Source: e-arc to review
4 Stars: It's A Sizzling Read
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He’ll play dirty to get what he wants… Willow Cavanaugh would be happy if she never saw cocky football star Nick Hamilton again. Sure, their fling was the hottest she’d had, but he’s way too much of a playboy to settle down with one woman. Plus, she’s got her heart set on a piece of real estate for her catering business—and Nick owns that property. Nick may be at the top of his game, but all he wants is a second chance with Willow. When he offers to sell her his commercial space if she agrees to a series of dates with him, their chemistry is so scintillating that jumping back into bed seems like an inevitability. But Willow’s decided all’s fair in sex and blackmail. Little does she know, Nick’s playing to win…and she’s the prize.

What's not to love about football and a sizzling romance? Throw in second chances, and hot character chemistry and it's a win, win for me! When I read Karen's first book in the series, Game for Marriage (you can read my review here), I was hooked. I enjoyed the story, loved the sizzling romance, fabulously hot character chemistry, and the characters. In Game for Trouble I get that and then some. This time around fans get to read about Jared and Sheridan's friends, Willow and Nick. 

Willow Cavanaugh is a feisty, successful business women whom isn't afraid to go after something she wants. Sure she comes from money, but that doesn't define who she is. She's out to make her own success and that's by starting her own business. The only problem is the place she wants is owned by none other than Nick Hamilton, aka the jerk her broke her heart, and left her without so much as an explanation why, six years ago. 

Willow's moved on, or so she'd like to think. Six years ago she was all about Nick Hamilton, the NFL player/team mate and best friend to Jared who's with her best friend Sheridan. Nick and Willow had it all... each other, plenty of passion and couldn't keep their hands off each other back then. Then Nick left, and she had to deal with a broken heart. Now he's back, and that makes her extremely guarded and very much on edge around Nick. I can't blame her. I actually loved that Karen wrote Willow the way she did. Any girl who's been as broken hearted as Willow has been will understand why Willow acted the way she did, and why she kept pushing Nick away. She wanted more than sex with him, and she wasn't given that nor her heart over to Nick again. 

Nick is someone I seriously wanted to not like. After all he's the jerk that broke Willow's heart, BUT, it's not that leaving was easy on Nick either. Once I find out why he left, and how much it hurt him, I forgave him, and was glad he was so patient and persistent with wooing Willow again. There's also the fact that Nick is a southern gentleman who knows how to get what he wants, and won't stop till he gets it. Oh, and yeah, he has an accent, he knows how to push Willow, enjoys teasing to the point she almost caves to him, and the fact that he's good at not only whispering things into her ear, he has that smooth touch that sends Willow over the edge. Above the looks, and his smooth way, Nick is a sweetheart. Sure Willow gives him a run for his money, but he's a man on a mission to get the only girl who's ever had his heart, back. 

Oh Willow and Nick.... from the moment Nick enters the scene with Willow sitting in his office the sparks fly, the snark is unleashed, and Willow does everything in her power to not let Nick get to her, But Nick is doing everything he can to un-nerve Willow, and boy do these two have it bad for each other. Seriously, these two have a hot chemistry. Yes there's more than sexy times in this book, though it is a guilty pleasures read for a reason. These two have history together. I love that they don't just dive right into to a future together, though Nick would be all for that. Willow won't just give everything up for Nick, and Nick earns back the trust he broke. Trust me, during this time there is plenty of snark and hot sizzling moments together. I love the minor roles that Jared and Sheridan play in this story as well. 

This modern day story of love and war is fabulous! Seriously. It has plenty of hot sexy times, snark, and two characters who no matter how hard one of them tries to resist the other, just can't keep their hands off each other. While I really enjoyed this story, there were a few things that prevented me from giving it a higher rating, and some of that has to do with my love of football, and the minor comments about things pertaining to Nick's schedule etc didn't add up, and two, the publicity stunt towards the end ruined it for me a bit. I felt it would have been better left out of the book. But, as I mentioned, over all this was one hot, read that I think guilty pleasure readers will enjoy. 

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