Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Review: Party Crasher by April Angel

By: April Angel
Published: Etopia Press
Released on: 2.22.13
Source: purchased ebook
Rating: 1 Star- Not My Cup of Tea
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She crashed his party and became his prize…

According to one annoying Drex Callum, Chris is a “nosy reporter.” And maybe she is. She’s heard of the super secretive event known as the Seduction Party, and she won’t be content until she finds a way in. The last thing she expects to find is that Drex is the host. She’ll never get an invitation from her nemesis—unless she finds a way to get one herself. And breaking into his house is nothing if it means getting the scoop. But what she gets instead is an eye-full of the man himself, half-naked and more than she’d ever dreamed he could be in all her teenage fantasies.

Drex has been fantasizing about Chris forever, and now that she’s a grown woman, he still has a hard time treating her like one. So when she shows up at the Seduction Party—on the auction chair!—he’s got no other choice but to teach that nosey woman a lesson. He never dreamed sex could be like this, with Chris in his room, tied to a bed, asking him for stuff that blows his mind…

Strong female character who doesn't take crap from anyone. Hot guys she's been infatuated with for years. A crashed party, and an incident that starts out humorous and quickly turns into something much, much hotter. Now add in the danger, a bit of humor, and plenty of sexy times and it sounds like a great guilty pleasure. For some reason I just didn't get into this book. I don't think it had so much to with the writing, and the characters, because I was totally interested in finding out what happens between Chris and Drex that I read the whole book, which mind you wasn't very long. I think this time around the problem was me, and the fact that I went into this thinking it was going to be more of a romance than an erotica, which was not the case. I'm not an erotica reader. Yes, I enjoy reading reading adult books, and romances, and don't mind sexy times. But something just didn't connect with me with Party Crasher. I didn't like the book as much as other fans of April Angel's did.

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