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A Patriot's Library

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Find out more about the bundle and each of the books here

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Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire; Blog Tour: Book Review & Giveaway

Welcome to today's stop in the Beautiful Oblivion blog tour, hosted by Atria Books. Today I'm excited to share my review for Jamie' McGuire's upcoming release. Be sure to go HERE to find out more about the book, visit more tour stops and enter the giveaway!

Atria Books | 336 pages | Paperback ISBN 9781476759586 | eBook ISBN: ISBN 9781476759593 | On Sale: July 1, 2014

The Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster phenomenon continues in the first heart-pounding new adult romance in The Maddox Brothers series.

Fiercely independent Camille "Cami" Camlin gladly moved on from her childhood before it was over. She has held down a job since before she could drive, and moved into her own apartment after her freshman year of college. Now tending bar at The Red Door, Cami doesn’t have time for much else besides work and classes, until a trip to see her boyfriend is cancelled, leaving her with a first weekend off in almost a year.

Trenton Maddox was the king of Eastern State University, dating co-eds before he even graduated high school. His friends wanted to be him, and women wanted to tame him, but after a tragic accident turned his world upside down, Trenton leaves campus to come to grips with the crushing guilt.

Eighteen months later, Trenton is living at home with his widower father, and works full-time at a local tattoo parlor to help with the bills. Just when he thinks his life is returning to normal, he notices Cami sitting alone at a table at The Red.

As the baby sister of four rowdy brothers, Cami believes she’ll have no problem keeping her new friendship with Trenton Maddox strictly platonic. But when a Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever—even if she is the only reason their already broken family could fall apart.

In the first installment of the Maddox Brothers books, readers can experience the rush of reading Beautiful Disaster for the first time, all over again.

My Review

The Quick Review
This is my first Maddox brothers story and now I get why everyone loves these brothers. They're fiercely protective, loyal, and love just as fiercely was they can fight. Trenton Maddox seems to be the less aggressive one of the brothers, though this boy certainly knows how to play dirty (in a very good way) when it comes to winning over Cami. Their love story is one heck of a swoon worthy disaster, and it was oh so fabulous reading about them. Before I go on, I have to mention, HOLY PLOT TWIST batman! McGuire threw in one epic twist I didn't see coming, and it was awesome!! This is definitely a book fans of the McGuire's Maddox Brothers will want to pick up! Now I'm off to go read the rest of the books in this series.

My Long Review (minor spoilers)
Beautiful Disaster has one heck of a complicated love story that I ended up falling in love with. It wasn't hard for me to cheer on Cami and Trenton. After all, these two have a lot going against them, but together they were the strong support the other needed. Seriously, I think Trenton now gives some of my other favorite new adult love interests a run for their money. This guy is one heck of a romantic who doesn't back down from something he wants, and that person is Cami.

Cami is someone I rooted for from the get go. Being the only girl and family of boys who aren't afraid to hold their own in fights, Cami has learned to fight back and stand up for herself, which has helped her in finding her own way through life. Her family is far from the ideal family. Cami comes from a broken home, and abusive father. Instead of being a victim to what she mother is, Cami has made it on her own. She's an extremely tough girl, who knows how to fight and survive on her own, which is what she's doing supporting herself by going to school and working two jobs. 

Trenton Maddox is the kind of boy I love reading about. He's deemed as trouble, and his back ground and the reputation he and his brother have is trouble. They don't start a fight they don't know how to finish. They're fiercely loyal, protective, and love just as fiercely as they can fight. Though Trenton is all these things, he's also the one who thinks before he reacts. He wears his emotions on his sleeves, and man alive does this boy know how to go after what he wants. I love that he plays dirty to get her, but in a very good way. 

Trenton is a layered character, and the more you get to know him, the easier it is to really love him the way Cami does. Like Cami, he has this easy way about him. He's independent like Cami, and like her, he also has some demons from his past he's trying to work through. One of the things I love about Trenton was despite his reputation, this is one boy who has a lot of charm, treats women with respect, and is incredibly patient. I love the way his and Cami's relationship played out, even if at times I wish Cami would realize what's right in front of her quicker than he did. It was so nice to see their relationship start out as friends, even if this is the girl that Trenton has loved since they were kids. I loved the history these two have had growing up. 

Trenton and Cami have a friendship, they have the chemistry, and they have a lot they offer each other. It was hard seeing them cope with and deal with some of the demons from their pasts, more so Cami's than anything. I loved that McGuire made Cami someone who was faithful. When the story starts off she does have a boyfriend. She is upfront and honest with Trenton and the boyfriend who's business interferes a lot with their relationship. The other thing I loved, is that though this is a new adult book, this isn't a book that's all about sex. Sure there's naturally happen in this story, but I liked that sex wasn't the story. Despite the Maddox Brother reputation, I loved that it was Trenton who wanted to wait for the right time, and that it was Cami who wanted to take things slow with their relationship as a whole. There was a natural progression with how their relationship grew, and it felt incredibly realistic. I liked that.

One of the big hang ups in Cami's boyfriend, whom I mentioned above. Just as I was starting to get frustrated with Cami and her not completely standing up to TJ and telling him to back off, McGuire throws in a plot twist I didn't see coming, and it was AWESOME! Everything made sense after that. Everything about why Cami acted the way she did with both Trenton and TJ, and why she felt the way she did about both of them made perfect sense. I already admired Cami for the fact she didn't do anything that crossed the lines while she was with TJ, and that before things with Trenton got series, she was upfront and honest with both guys, and didn't cheat on anyone. After knowing the twist, everyone's reactions made sense. That was a brilliant twist, but now I want more. That was one heck of a way to end the story. 

This is one story McGuire fans and fans of the Maddox Brothers will want to pick up! 

*This is a book for readers 18 yrs & older. There is language, mentions of physical abuse, and there are well written sensual/sex scenes. 


JAMIE McGUIRE is the New York Times bestselling author of A Beautiful WeddingRed HillWalking DisasterBeautiful Disaster, and The Providence trilogy. She and her husband, Jeff, live with their children just outside Enid, Oklahoma, with three dogs, six horses, and a cat named Rooster.

Find Jamie Online
Twitter: @JamieMcGuire
Instagram:  @JamieMcGuire_

Say hi to Atria Books
Twitter: @AtriaBooks
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New Adult fans, don't miss TONIGHT's Book Talk Nation chat!

 Jay Crownover and Molly McAdams will be on, and Monica Murphy will be their moderator. Join the fun HERE. The chat kicks off at 7 pm TONIGHT, Thursday, June 26th. Fans will be able to ask question and you can order personalized and signed copies of Jay's Better When He's Bad, and Molly's Sharing You.

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BOOMERANG by Noelle August, Get Part 1 For FREE & Enter 2 WIN

Looking for that fun, perfect Summer new adult read? Today you can read the first few chapters of Noelle Auguyst's BOOMERANG for FREE!!! Grab your e-reader and get your download going now! While you're waiting for it to download, read more about BOOMERANG and ENTER TO WIN!!

  Image Map

By Noelle August

“August…delivers a solid new adult trilogy launch. Mia and Ethan alternate viewpoints in this engaging story of young up-and-comers balancing responsibilities and desires.” – Publishers Weekly

Boomerang is the dating site for millennials, but their offices might be even steamier than the hook-ups people find on their website…

William Morrow is thrilled to publish Noelle August’s BOOMERANG (William Morrow Trade Paperback, On-sale: July 8, 2014, ISBN: 9780062331069; $13.99), the latest hot summer read! Readers can’t get enough of New Adult lit, and Noelle August is at the forefront of this phenomenon. With genre-bending characters, drama, and a fresh, fun premise, BOOMERANG showcases a hilariously charming, deliciously sexy style.


Welcome to BOOMERANG, the hottest recent startup in the trendiest city: Los Angeles, CA. The website’s about no-strings, no-fuss relationships for those on the rebound and those who crave connectionwithout all the baggage of long-term promises. 

But that buzz is fading as Boomerang struggles to grow. The solution? Find two brilliant interns and give them a crack at launching the site into the stratosphere. 

Enter Mia Galliano and Ethan Vance. Mia is an aspiring filmmaker with killer curves and gorgeous, curly locks. Ethan is a hot, blue-eyed go-getter who has just played his last game as a collegiate soccer star. They’re both sharp, hungry for success, and they share a major secret.

Ethan and Mia aren’t strangers. The night before they start their new jobs, Ethan and Mia meet at a bar and fall into bed together…or did they? Though they’re both hazy on the details, they definitely do know how awkward it is when they find themselves in a post hook-up taxi…to the same place: Boomerang headquarters.

Turns out they both got the gig, and now they’ll be competing for one job at Boomerang. Even better? The company’s strict policy about inner-office dating. Simply put: they can’t. 

But their connection is as powerful as their ambition. Will they manage to keep their eyes on the future and their hands off each other? Find out this summer!

BOOMERANG will be available wherever books and e-books are sold July 8th, 2014 (ISBN: 9780062331069 | $13.99 | e-ISBN: 9780062331076 | $2.99).

Question: What do you get when friends pen a story with heart, plenty of laughs, and toe-curling kissing scenes? Answer: Noelle August, the pseudonym for renowned editor and award-winning writer Lorin Oberweger and New York Times bestselling YA author Veronica Rossi, the masterminds behind Boomerang. You can visit them at, @Noelle_August &

Thank you to William Morrow, 3 Lucky Winners will win a copy of the book! To enter, please fill out the form below.
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck & Happy Summer Reading!

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ALL LINED UP By Cora Carmack, Book Review

By: Cora Carmack
Published by: William Morrow
Released on: 5/13/14
Series: A Rusk University Novel #1
Source: arc from publisher at TLA
Rating: 5 Stars - I Loved It!
Purchase it from: Amazon | Barnes and Noble
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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Carmack follows up her trio of hits—Losing It, Faking It, and Finding It—with this thrilling first novel in an explosive series bursting with the Texas flavor, edge, and steamy romance of Friday Night Lights.

In Texas, two things are cherished above all else—football and gossip. My life has always been ruled by both.

Dallas Cole loathes football. That's what happens when you spend your whole childhood coming in second to a sport. College is her time to step out of the bleachers, and put the playing field (and the players) in her past.

But life doesn't always go as planned. As if going to the same college as her football star ex wasn’t bad enough, her father, a Texas high school coaching phenom, has decided to make the jump to college ball… as the new head coach at Rusk University. Dallas finds herself in the shadows of her father and football all over again.

Carson McClain is determined to go from second-string quarterback to the starting line-up. He needs the scholarship and the future that football provides. But when a beautiful redhead literally falls into his life, his focus is more than tested. It's obliterated.

Dallas doesn't know Carson is on the team. Carson doesn't know that Dallas is his new coach's daughter.

And neither of them know how to walk away from the attraction they feel.

All Lined Up is Cora Carmack perfection!

When you give a new adult book a Texas setting centered around football, include the right amount of realistic romance, friendships, family dynamics and a characters who's learning to grow up, make her place in the world, and follow her own dream, it equals Cora's best book yet! I swooned, sighed, laughed, and about teared up a few times. I loved how authentic the voice of this story was.

Cora does such a great job at telling all sides of a story. Dallas Cole is such a fun character. She's one of those characters you want to be friends with. She's a down to earth character who's grown up around football. Her father is a coach, and just so happens to now be coaching at the same college Dallas is attending. Definitely not something any college student wants to have happen, especially if you want to have some kind of normal dating life. Dallas and her father haven't had the easiest kind of relationship. One of the things I love about Cora's writing, is the way she introduces her characters and their problems, and then solves them. Case in point, Dallas and her Father.

Dallas grew up with it being just her dad, her and football. Always feeling second to it, it was easy to understand her resentment for the sport. Having a father for a coach seems far from easy as well, and Cora painted a very realistic portrayal of the two. While this story is told from Dallas's point of view, I loved the way Cora told Dallas's father's part of the story too, because it was a crucial moment between the growth and trying to mend some of the hurt and distance Dallas has with her Dad. I went from sympathizing with Dallas to wanting to give her dad huge kudos. I love that Cora made me feel that way. I understood that no matter, he in his own way, was doing what he thought was best for Dallas. I realized how hard it must have been for both of them. Dallas was raised by her single father.

I am a huge sucker for books that deal with sports and romance. Both of which this book has. I really enjoyed getting the ins and outs with college football, being the daughter of a coach (from Dallas's point of view), and trying to claim your spot on the football team (via Carson's point of view). As Dallas knows, there are other complications with having a father as a football coach. You know the ins and outs with all the players, and just how crappy some of them are off the football field, like Dallas's ex-boyfriend. Thankfully Carson is totally unlike her ex boyfriend.

Carson is a driven, highly motivated character. I love that he is who he is. He doesn't make excuses. He's worked hard his whole life to get where he's at now. He knows what he wants, and he isn't going to let anything get in his way of his football dream. That same drives helps him with his relationship with Dallas. While her past mistakes, and her Dad hold her back on getting into another relationship with a football play, Carson isn't afraid of any of the, including Dallas's dad, even if he is his coach. Carson sees something in Dallas, that Dallas doesn't see in herself. I loved the way Carson let Dallas grow. Their relationship was one I loved reading about. From the moment they both met there was something undeniable between them.

Can I just say, I LOVED Carson! Not once did he ever push Dallas into doing something she didn't want to do. He had so much respect for Dallas, it added to his swoon level big time. The fact that this is a new adult book, and had very little sex was awesome! Why? Because not all new adults need to be sex filled. Two, this fit the personalities of Dallas and Carson perfectly. Dallas has some things she's trying to get over, and Carson for being the southern gentleman he is, isn't going to push her. I loved that fact he waited, and when the moment was right for them, they took their relationship to the next level. I also liked that sex was something more than just sex with these two. Like everything in this book, Dallas and Carson took time to figure out what they wanted and once they did, they went for it. The two of them together and individually are driven by the things that matter most to them, and will do whatever it takes to get that thing they want, even each other, and the dreams they each have.

I LOVED the dual points of views. Getting this story from both Dallas and Carson's points of views was fabulous! It was the perfect way to understand Dallas and Carson and watch the two of fall in love. They have a sizzling chemistry that can literary melt the pages, as well as a friendship I loved seeing develop and grow. Dallas and Carson broke down each other's barriers, and in the process developed a heck of a hot, fabulous, highly addictive romance that I wanted to read more of, even when the book ended. It was everything I love, and more.

All Lined Up is AWESOME! It's easily my favorite Cora Carmack book. I am really looking forward to reading more from this series. Cora introduces us to the other characters who will be featured as the series goes along, in this book. I'm really looking forward to reading their stories. This was one book that had it all. Great characters, great writing, and everything in between. It's definitely one new adult and Cora Carmack fans will want to pick up!

I will warn you, this one highly addictive book. Once you pick it up to read it, there's no stopping until you're done. Trust me, you'll enjoy every moment reading it!

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WILD (The Ivy Chronicles #3) by Sophie Jordan, Cover Reveal

I am so thrilled to be apart of today's cover reveal for Sophie Jordan's WILD, the next installment in her The Ivy Chronicles! This is one of my favorite New Adult series. If you've not yet picked up the first two books, I highly recommend that you do.

CHECK OUT this cover!!!

What do you guys think of the cover?

I think this might be my favorite cover out of the series. Each of Sophie's covers have rocked! I can not wait to read Logan's story!!! 

WILD by Sophie Jordan
On-sale 11/18/2014 | ISBN: 9780062279910

A good girl goes bad in the third and final book in New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan’s sexy New Adult romance series—where three Ivy League suite-mates testing their boundaries as they seek higher knowledge of just how far they can go.

Months after her boyfriend dumped her, Georgia can still hear the insults he hurled at her. Boring. Predictable. Tame. Tired of feeling bad, she’s ready to change her image, and go a little wild. What better way to prove her ex wrong than a hot night of adventure at the secret campus kink club?

In the shadowy den of the club, she unexpectedly runs into Logan Mulvaney, her friend’s little brother. A player extraordinaire too hot for his own good, he may be younger, but the guy is light years ahead when it comes to the opposite sex. Now he’s telling her to go home-”good girls” don’t belong here!

Georgia is tired of having others define her. She’s going to teach Logan a lesson he won’t forget-one white hot, mind-wrecking kiss . . . that leads to another . . . and another . . . and. . . . Realizing she’s way in over her head, Georgia runs.

Only Logan won’t let her go. Everywhere she goes he’s there, making her want every inch of him. Making her forget who she is. Who he is. And just how wrong they are for each other.

About The Author

Sophie Jordan is an international and New York Times bestselling author whose books include historical romances and the Firelight series. When she’s not writing, she spends her time overloading on caffeine (lattes preferred), talking plotlines with anyone who will listen (including her kids), and cramming her DVR with true-crime and reality-television shows. She lives in Houston.

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Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren, Book Review

By: Christina Lauren
Series: Wild Seasons, book 1
Publisher: Gallery Books
Release Date: May 13, 2014
Source: netgalley
Rating: 5 out of 5 starry Parisian stars -- I loved it!!!
Purchase:  amazon | Barnes and Noble | IndieBound | Book Depository

Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1)

Synopsis: One-night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable. They aren’t supposed to be with someone like him.

But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her college graduation—and terrified of the future path she knows is a cop-out—Mia Holland makes the wildest decision of her life: follow Ansel Guillaume—her sweet, filthy fling—to France for the summer and just…play.

When feelings begin to develop behind the provocative roles they take on, and their temporary masquerade adventures begin to feel real, Mia will have to decide if she belongs in the life she left because it was all wrong, or in the strange new one that seems worlds away.

I'll let you in on one of my biases, I don't mind sexy plot lines, but I do like them to be really well written.  I want character development and plausible back-stories. I want a tension-filled plot line (and not just one sexy scene after another). I want a really well told story. Really, it's the same criteria I place on every story I read. But let's face it, a lot of NA/adult romances fall short of meeting that criteria, and I tend to yawn and count the number of repetitive words they use to describe what should be a hot moment (oh yes, I've been known to make notes on just that).  As a result, I don't finish a lot of them and in fact, I kind of avoid them as much as possible. But then I find authors like Sarra Manning, Alice Clayton and yes, Christina Lauren, and I realize that I need to explore that category a little more.

Without any spoilers let me tell you what the dynamic duo that makes up Christina Lauren does right. Did you hear me sigh as I wrote that? They do so many, many things right. First you can tell from the first bit of dialogue that their cast of characters, both the the girls and the boys, are true, long-time friends. They've been through things together and experienced major, life changing moments. You can tell by their banter and the ease with which they assume their roles. I felt like I could completely identify with both sets of friends. But then, THEN, Christina and Lauren pick two of my absolute favorite (honestly, if they added a HotBoywithSword it would be all my favorite characters in one place) character types -- the quiet, good girl who takes a risk just once in her lifetime and the boy, oh dear BoywithaDimplySmile, who always does the right thing (well, on most days).

Just to keep it interesting there is the matter of a drunken weekend in Vegas where apparently a wedding (or three) took place and the fallout of that moment which begins a story so delicious with tension that I finished it one day. But, it's their writing that needs to be applauded because in what should be a sexy, little romp of a story there are these absolutely lovely moments (from chapter 11):
His kisses slow and tame until he's just pressing his smile to mine.

And (in chapter 20):
     Hang in there, Lola says. Life is built of these little horrible moments and the giant expanses of awesome in between.
     I love you, I reply. Because she's right. This summer was the most perfect stretch of awesome I've ever had.
I spent a lot of time nodding my head and just plain old swooning at one of the sweetest, most mixed-up couples I've read.

And now to the matter of setting. Okay, I'm making a public plea to all authors (I'm looking at you Stephanie Perkins, Gayle Forman and yes, Christina Lauren) -- stop setting my favorite stories in Paris. Your descriptions of French pastries send me on a wild goose chase for the perfect crepe (Anna and the French Kiss), a summer of trying to perfect the fussy baking of macarons (Just One Day) and now for the sake of all the points at Weight Watchers, I am craving a pain au chocolat. And no, I can't have just any American chocolate croissant. I want the one that Ansel left on the kitchen counter for Mia along with an espresso. All kidding aside, Christina and Lauren's descriptions of Paris made me want to explore all the little neighborhoods and niches of that beautiful, ancient city.

If you're looking for the perfect beach read, one that will distract you from all the noisy kids kicking up sand everywhere, pick up Sweet Filthy Boy and be whisked away to Las Vegas and Paris with Mia and Ansel's gorgeous story of a love that maybe shouldn't have happened, but boy am I glad it did. I also have to not thank Gallery Books for including an excerpt of book two, Dirty Rowdy Thing, at the end of the book because now the wait until November 4th will last forever and ever and ever. Okay, one more EVER because Harlow and Finn make me laugh and they hate each other, too. That would be my other favorite type of plot line -- the natural enemies one. Oh, Christina and Lauren, please write faster.

I'm kidding (okay, only partially) Gallery Books, because I will thank you for (spoiler warning if you click over!) Ansel's POV of that first fateful night, which was released on VH1 yesterday and I also have to thank them for the very cool Sweet Filthy Boy Pinterest board where I can gaze upon an Ansel-ish looking boy in a sheet and a view of Montmarte all at once.

This is one hot summer book, Mundie Moms, go get it. 

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2B Trilogy Series by Ann Aguirre, Cover Reveal

We are over the moon about the cover reveal for Ann Aguirre's 2B Trilogy Series!!! Published by Harlequin HQN, the 2B Trilogy Series is a New Adult Contemporary Romance series made up of 3 titles. I WANT IT THAT WAY is the first full-length novel in the 2B Trilogy and is set to be released August 26th. Book 2, AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME, is releasing on September 30th, and THE SHAPE OF MY HEART is scheduled to be released on November 25th. You DO NOT want to miss this series, you guys!

  I Want It That Way 

About I WANT IT THAT WAY: Nadia Conrad has big dreams, and she’s determined to make them come true. But between maintaining her college scholarship and working at the local day care to support herself, dating’s the last thing on her mind. Then she moves into a new apartment and meets the taciturn yet irresistible guy in 1B…. Daniel Tyler has grown up too fast. Becoming a single dad at twenty turned his life upside down—and brought him heartache he can’t risk again. Now, as he raises his four-year-old son while balancing a full-time construction management job and night classes, the last thing he wants is noisy students living in the apartment upstairs. But one night, Nadia’s and Ty’s paths cross, and soon they can’t stay away from each other. The timing is all wrong—but love happens when it happens. And you can’t know what you truly need until you stand to lose it. "A tender, sweet, and sexy story about how life—and falling in love—can never be planned." —Jennifer L. Armentrout, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wait for You
IWITW Full Cover

I WANT IT THAT WAY on Goodreads

  As Long As You Love Me 

About AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME: Most people dream about getting out of Sharon, Nebraska, but after three years away, Lauren Barrett is coming home. She has her reasons—missing her family, losing her college scholarship. But then there’s the reason Lauren can’t admit to anyone: Rob Conrad, her best friend’s older brother. Football prowess and jaw-dropping good looks made Rob a star in high school. Out in the real world, his job and his relationships are going nowhere. He’s the guy who women love and leave, not the one who makes them think of forever—until Lauren comes back to town, bringing old feelings and new dreams with her. Because the only thing more important than figuring out where you truly belong is finding the person you were meant to be with. 

"I loved everything about this book… I just have two words: more please!" —New York Times bestselling author Cora Carmack on I Want It That Way

ALAYLM Full Cover

  The Shape of My Heart 

About THE SHAPE OF MY HEART: Some people wait decades to meet their soul mate. Courtney Kaufman suspects she met hers in high school—only to lose him at seventeen. Since then, Courtney’s social life has been a series of meaningless encounters, though she's made a few close friends along the way. Especially her roommate, Max Cooper, who oozes damaged bad-boy vibes from every pore. Max knows about feeling lost—he’s been on his own since he was sixteen. Now it’s time to find out if he can ever go home again, and Courtney’s the only one he trusts to go with him. But the trip to Providence could change everything…. It started out so simple. One misfit helping another. Now Max will do anything to show Courtney that for every heart that’s ever been broken, there’s another that can make it complete.

"New Adult storytelling with an elegant and refined voice that is entirely unique in the genre." —New York Times bestselling author Jay Crownover on I Want It That Way 

Amazon | B&N | BAM | Indiebound | Vroman’s | Book Depository | Powell’s

TSOMH Full Cover


Author Photo

Ann Aguirre is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author and RITA winner with a degree in English Literature; before she began writing full time, she was a clown, a clerk, a voice actress, and a savior of stray kittens, not necessarily in that order. She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield, but now she lives in sunny Mexico with her husband, children, and various pets. Ann likes books, emo music, action movies, and she writes all kinds of genre fiction for adults and teens, published with Harlequin, Macmillan, and Penguin, among others.    

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Never Judge A Lady By Her Cover by Sarah MacLean, Cover Reveal

Happy Monday! 
I'm a little late on revealing this exciting new cover for Sarah MacLean's Never Judge A Lady By Her Cover. 

What do you think? I totally love it! I can't wait to pick this one up. 

On-sale 11/25/2014 | ISBN: 9780062068514

RITA Award winning author, Sarah MacLean, reveals the identity of The Fallen Angel’s final scoundrel in the spectacular conclusion to her New York Times bestselling Rules of Scoundrels series…

By day, she is Lady Georgiana, sister to a duke, ruined before her first season in the worst kind of scandal. But the truth is far more shocking-in London’s darkest corners, she is Chase, the mysterious, unknown founder of the city’s most legendary gaming hell. For years, her double identity has gone undiscovered...until now.

Brilliant, driven, handsome-as-sin Duncan West is intrigued by the beautiful, ruined woman who is somehow connected to a world of darkness and sin. He knows she is more than she seems and he vows to uncover all of Georgiana’s secrets, laying bare her past, threatening her present, and risking all she holds dear...including her heart.

“I’ve always loved cross-dressing heroines – the trope is probably my most favorite of all the romance tropes, so when I wrote Chase, I wanted to play with the cross-dressing heroine idea. She doesn’t just dress in trousers – she’s also built a persona to match. She's a pre-Victorian Wizard of Oz, so to speak, thought to be a man, but one who has never been seen in public, and about whom very few people know the truth…namely, that he’s a she.”
                --Sarah MacLean

“Seeing a woman in pants has not been shocking for about a century.
But when one remembers the historical context of Regency England it is extraordinary. I hope this cover attracts readers who are looking for something different, because Sarah is blazing her own path in historical romance.“
--Carrie Feron, Executive Editor

“It was a fabulous challenge." 
--Tom Egner, Avon Art Director 

Sarah MacLean grew up in Rhode Island, obsessed with historical romance and bemoaning the fact that she was born far too late for her own season. Her love of all things historical helped to earn her degrees from Smith College and Harvard University before she finally set pen to paper and wrote her first book. Sarah now lives in New York City with her husband, baby daughter, their dog, and a ridiculously large collection of romance novels. She loves to hear from readers. Please visit her at

Friday, June 13, 2014

Beaumont Series by Heidi McClaughlin, Beaumont Series Character Blitz


Liam Page: Lead singer of 4225 West plays the guitar and piano. Known by his family as Liam Westbury, former golden boy and high school quarterback of Beaumont High.  Married to his high school sweetheart, Josie Preston, after being apart for ten years. They have a son, Noah, who is following in his dad’s footsteps as a young quarterback.

Harrison James: Drummer of 4225 West. In a committed relationship with Katelyn Powell, Josie’s best friend and widow to Mason Powell, Liam’s best friend. Harrison and Katelyn have three children from previous relationships, Quinn, Peyton & Elle, who they’ve both adopted and have dubbed themselves the Powell-James family.

Jimmy Davis: Plays Piano, harmonica, bass in 4225 West. Married to Jenna Palmer and are parents to Eden. Jimmy hails from London, England and moved to Beaumont after setting his eyes on Jenna. They married in a secret ceremony and suffered heartbreak at the hands of Jenna’s physically abusive ex-husband.

Series BUY LINKS (add the series to Goodreads)

FOREVER MY GIRL (The Beaumont Series #1)
MY EVERYTHING  (The Beaumont Series, #1.5)
MY UNEXPECTED FOREVER (The Beaumont Series, #2) 
FINDING MY FOREVER  (The Beaumont Series, #3) 

FINDING MY WAY (Beaumont Series #4)

Barnes & Noble:

LIAM’S JOURNEY by Heidi McLaughlin
JUNE 2014
New Adult Contemporary Romance
The Beaumont Series, #1 and #4 in one book
Books 1 & 4 of The Beaumont Series - Together for a limited time only!

LIAM'S JOURNEY - .99 cents till SATURDAY, June 14 on Amazon

The journey for Liam begins at eighteen. Having, what many would consider the brightest future, he gives it all up for the unknown.

The bright lights beckon, but hearts break. Liam’s successful, smart and lonely. When a loss hits too close, he puts everything behind him to return home.

To go back means to remember.
To remember means to hurt again.

Lives changed when Liam Westbury left Beaumont and they’ll change again once he returns as Liam Page.

Author Information

Heidi is the author of USA Today, Digital Book World, Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bestselling novel, Forever My Girl.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband and two daughters. Also renting space in their home is an over-hyper Beagle/Jack Russell and two Parakeets.

During the day Heidi is behind a desk talking about Land Use. At night, she's writing one of the many stories planned for release or sitting court-side during either daughter's basketball games.

Author Links:

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Better When He's Bad by Jay Crownover, Blog Tour: Book Review & Giveaway

Welcome to the next stop in the BETTER WHEN HE'S BAD blog tour hosted by Inkslinger. Today I'm excited to share both my review of Jay's upcoming release, and my interview with BAX (which you can read here). I'll just warn you, BAX isn't a stereotypical "bad boy". He literally is, but there's more to him than inked up skin, a bad a attitude, and sharp tongue. You get what you get with him. 


By: Jay Crownover
Published by: William Morrow
Released on: 6/17/14
Series: Welcome To the Point #1
Source: arc from the publisher to review
Rating: 5 Stars - I Loved It
Purchase it from: Amazon | Barnes and Noble
Add it to: Goodreads 

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jay Crownover returns with a heart-stopping new series… Welcome to the Point.

There’s a difference between a bad boy and a boy who’s bad . . . meet Shane Baxter.
Sexy, dark, and dangerous, Bax isn’t just from the wrong side of the tracks, he is the wrong side of the tracks. A criminal, a thug, and a brawler, he’s the master of bad choices, until one such choice landed him in prison for five years. Now Bax is out and looking for answers, and he doesn’t care what he has to do or who he has to hurt to get them. But there’s a new player in the game, and she’s much too innocent, much too soft…and standing directly in his way.

Dovie Pryce knows all about living a hard life and the tough choices that come with it. She’s always tried to be good, tried to help others, and tried not to let the darkness pull her down. But the streets are fighting back, things have gone from bad to worse, and the only person who can help her is the scariest, sexiest, most complicated ex-con The Point has ever produced.

Bax terrifies her, awakening feelings she never thought she’d have for a guy like him. But it doesn’t take Dovie long to realize . . . some boys are just better when they’re bad.

Jay Crownover has a gift for writing gritty, real, honest characters who at first seem rough around the edges, but the more you read about them, and get to know them, the more you like them, respect them, and understand them. Each of her characters are the way they are for a reason. Not once do any of her characters make excuses for who they are, or what they've done. Just like in real life, I respect a character who knows who they are, owns up to their actions, doesn't make excuses for them, and is completely comfortable in their own skin. Crownover's characters are all that and more. They have a depth to them that feels like I'm reading a real person's story. I love the way each of her characters have vividly come to life while reading their individual stories.

BAX is NOT your stereotypical bad boy. Oh no, BAX is the bad boy you're warned to stay away from. He has grown up on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak, and during that process he's learned how to survive in a brutally harsh world from a young age. He is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He is who he is, and he's not going to sugar coat things. He brutally harsh, honest, and you get what you get with this rough around the edges kind of guy. Some people would call him a jerk, a-hole etc, but there's to BAX than attitude... okay maybe not a whole lot more, but he is who he is for a reason. 

BAX is the kind of character that would be so easy to judge him for his brutal ways. Yet I didn't. I'm not quick to judge, and I've learned with Crownover, there's always a reason for why her characters are a certain way. BAX is a character who's made some pour choices in life, but who wouldn't if you grew up in the part of town he did, and had to survive on your own. Bax is the kind of guy who is intimating. He's the kind of guy I'd say run if you ever ended up on his bad side, but running would be pointless, he'd find you. This inked up, bad boy who could make you pee your pants with his cold stare alone, has a soft spot... Even though he won't admit it.

DOVIE Pryce is my kind of character! She's intelligent, street smart, a fighter, tough, brave, and down right loyal. She's independent, supports herself, doesn't take no for an answer, and knows how to survive. She's had a tough life, but she's been able to blend in, and get by, that is until BAX comes crashing into her world, literally. When most people would cower in front of Bax, Dovie doesn't. She swallows her fear, and follows her gut feeling vs her instinct which tells her to run. She sees the real Bax, and she accepts him for it. As does Bax with Dovie. Looks can be deceiving, and I loved Bax's first impression of Dovie, and the then his thoughts when he got to see Dovie beneath all those layers. Like I said, Dovie knows how to blend into her surroundings. Unlike BAX's rough, tough looks and attitude, Dovie is soft, graceful, and has that innocent girl next door look. These two couldn't be more opposite of each other, and more perfect for each other. 

BAX and DOVIE have a relationship that is something else. It's not swoon worthy and sweet, instead it's real, and totally honest. It's one that in the midst of all that's going on, gives them both a comfort and assurance neither of them has had before. Ironically, given the nature of their dangerous setting, it's also a relationship that requires a lot of protection from those who are out to do harm to BAX. Their relationship is at times gritty. There are moments of heartbreak mixed in with tender moments, and moments that when all else seems lost grounds them together. I loved seeing someone as bad and as tough as Bax have his tender moments with Dovie. Dovie, for as soft, graceful and innocent as she seems, she more than holds her own with Bax. She surprises and handles him in a way no one else can. The two of them couldn't seem more opposite, nor be more perfect for each other.

Better When He's Bad definitely has it all. It's a tough, darker read. There's action, danger, love, and a whole of things that happen on the other side of town, in this book. This is the first book in a much darker, grittier series than Crownover's Marked Men series. Just like her characters from that series, Crownover's new characters will definitely have you cheering for them to overcome all that life throws their way. 

Go HERE to read my interview with BAX.

About Jay Crownover

Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men series. She will also be introducing the dark and sexy world of The Point in a new series this summer starting with Better When He’s Bad. Like her characters, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she'll settle for writing stories with interesting characters that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.

Find Jay via: Website |  Blog | Facebook | Twitter |  Goodreads

There is a Blog Tour giveaway. It includes 5 prizes for 5 individual winners!

1st $100 Amazon gift card and a signed BETTER WHEN HE’S BAD for 1 winner
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