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WILD by Sophie Jordan, Blog Tour: Book Review

Happy Release Day to Sophie Jordan's WILD! 
I'm thrilled to be apart of today's blog tour stop to celebrate it's release. The second part of my tour stop is my review. You can read an excerpt & enter to win HERE

By: Sophie Jordan
Published by: William Morrow Books
Released on: 11/5/14
Rating: 5 Stars - I Loved It!
Source: book from publisher in exchange for my honest review

A good girl goes fabulously bad in the final book in New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan’s sexy New Adult romance series, in which three Ivy League suite-mates seek higher knowledge of just how far they can go.
Months after her boyfriend dumped her, Georgia can still hear the insults he hurled at her. Boring. Predictable. Tame. Tired of feeling bad, she’s ready to change her image, and go a little wild. What better way to prove her ex wrong than a hot night of sexual adventure at the secret campus kink club?

In the shadowy den of the kink club, she unexpectedly runs into Logan Mulvaney, her friend’s little brother. A player extraordinaire too hot for his own good, he may be younger, but the guy is light years ahead when it comes to sexual experience. Now he’s telling her to go home—“good girls” don’t belong here!

Georgia is tired of having others define her. She’s going to teach Logan a lesson he won’t forget—one white hot, mind-wrecking kiss . . . that leads to another . . . and another . . . and. . . . Realizing she’s way in over her head, Georgia runs.

Only Logan won’t let her go. Everywhere she goes he’s there, making her want every inch of him. Making her forget who she is. Who he is. And just how wrong they are for each other. 

Sophie Jordan has done it again! Just when I think the books in this series couldn't get any better, Jordan proves me wrong. All my favorite characters from this series are back, and this time readers will get to know Reece's swoon worthy younger brother Logan. If you read Foreplay, you know the brother I'm talking about. The one all the women throw themselves at. Just as I suspected in book one in this series, there's much more to Logan than meets the eye, and I loved getting to know him. 

WILD is the story of Logan and sweet Georgia. Georgia is someone who always seemed to have it all together, but someone who hadn't yet grown into her own skin. The Georgia I met at the beginning of WILD and the one I got to know by the end of WILD are two totally different girls. I loved the Georgia I got towards the end of WILD. Georgia finally grew into her own skin, and learned to say No! Something that she's never really been able to say before. Georgia's upbringing is not the fairytale one I first thought she had, had. I really liked that through out the course of this book, she finally found herself, and her voice. Most importantly, Georgia learned to listen to and follow her heart. 

Through out much of Wild, Georgia's mind and heart are at war with her feelings with Logan, and what's right and wrong. Through Jordan's writing, I felt like I was able to understand why Georgia was conflicted and feeling the way she was. That's not to say there are not times she does some stupid things that seriously ticked me off, but thankfully she redeems herself. Oh Logan! Logan, Logan, Logan. Unlike Georgia, Logan has no problems going after what he wants, nor is he shy about it either. No matter how at odds her heart and mind are, Logan will do everything he can to prove to Georgia that she won't regret ever saying yes to him. 

Logan is a character I loved. He is sure of himself in a confident way. He knows what he wants, and how to get it. He's patient... at least when it comes to Georgia. The more I got to know Logan, the easier it was to love him. He's a flawed character who doesn't make excuses. He owns his actions, and well, let's just say he's known for action. But that's the thing with Logan, there's much more to him than what has been said about him through out the series. Though Logan does have this air of confidence about him, he is harboring some heartbreak. I really enjoyed the way in which Logan and Georgia both broke down each other's defenses and got under each other's skin. On paper these two seem like complete opposites, but together the two of them are such a strong couple. I loved how these two learned to over come so much in order to have a future together.

Oh the romance! This wouldn't be a Sophie Jordan book without some hot, sizzling chemistry and was smoldering sexy times. Let's just say Sophie Jordan knows how to write some hot sexual tense between two characters whom you know want each other. One is willing to give in, but the other, no matter how hard it is, tries so hard to withstand the temptation. When things finally do happen between the two, it ignites the pages. Fans of The Ivy Chronicles will love the way Sophie Jordan wraps up this series!
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