Tuesday, April 4, 2017

THE LADY AND THE HIGHLANDER by Lecia Cornwall / Book Review

By: Lecia Cornwall
Published by: St. Martin's Press
Released on: April 4th, 2017 - TODAY
Series: A Highland Fairy Tale #3
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Rating: 4 Stars 
An e-book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review

Laire MacLeod’s father has married a mysterious widow who is a vain beauty that deals with potions and spells. Laire does not drink them with the rest of her family and is the only one who could see through her stepmother’s games. When Laire flees to find help from her Uncle the Lady’s huntsman follows her with orders to kill. Laire must survive in a dangerous new city and find the antidote to a poisonous potion before it is too late.
Iain Lindsay is cursed. He is bound for seven years to be the hunter of a Lady who uses him to bring back birds to use in her potions. When Laire MacLeod escapes the Lady’s nets, Iain tracks her to Edinburgh, where she’s found shelter with an unusual band of thieves, but he cannot bring himself to harm her. Instead, he finds himself falling in love with the MacLeod beauty. 
But a Highlander’s oath is his bond, and the price for helping her is death, both his own, and of those he loves.
This was such a fun read. I am a sucker for fairytale retellings. Especially ones where the author keeps the magical element of the fairytale while adding their own unique elements to the story. Cornwall does an awesome job of doing that with her Snow White inspired Highlander story. 

I never would have guessed a Snow White retelling and a Highlander story would work, but it definitely does. I liked that Cornwall included the fairytale aspect of the story, along with a historical side. Not to mention the fairytale ties she includes when it comes to Laire's character being similar to Snow White's, MacLeod being the Huntsman, the evil Queen, and a band of children who help Laire. Paired with romance, magic, danger, and more, and you've got a great fairytale retelling. 

I really liked Laire. She's noble, intelligent, kind, and doesn't stand by idly when things begin to happen when her father brings home his new wife. Laire proves she's a strong, fierce, women who will whatever she can to save her Father, and the rest of her family from her wicked step mother. I really enjoyed getting to know her more as the story goes on. 

There's a lot more to MacLeod's dark, brooding looks, than meets the eye. He has an unbreakable oath to the women who's married Laire's Father. As the Huntsman, there's nothing that this man can't track, including Laire. MacLeod has never failed at a mission he's been sent on. Everything changes when he decides to help her. He's a man with past and pain he keeps buried inside. The more Laire breaks down his walls, the more they start to fall for each other. The more I got to know MacLeod, the more I liked him. He and Laire have a lot to offer each other.  

The Lady and the Highlander is my kind of romance. There's plenty of danger, intense moments, action, and of course some sizzling character chemistry. I love that it's a fairytale retelling mixed with so much more. There's substance to this book. I love it when romances have that. I'm a sucker for history, a good story, and great characters. This book definitely has that, along with a romance that will leave you wishing there was more to this story. 

This may be the third book in Cornwall's A Highland Fairy Tale Series, but it's my first book in the series to pick up and read. I'm definitely planning on picking up the first two books. 

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