About Us

Welcome to Grown Up Book Reviews, a Mundie Moms Book Review blog.

Being moms sometimes we enjoy curling up with a grown up book. Whether it be a classic Jane Austen book, a new adult book, adult book and on occasion we've been seen reading a cook book. Shhhh, that's our little secret. The Grown Up Book Reviews blog is a Mundie Moms book review blog dedicated to sharing reviews, and promoting books on the other side of our YA and MG shelves. This site will feature reviews from the classics, to new adult, adult and anything else we can thing. No, we will not be featuring erotic. BUT, some of books may have sexy time scenes in them, but not all of them, hence the Grown Up title in our name. 

While YA is our primary focus, we do love reading outside of our norm, and we needed a place to post those reviews, hence the Grown Up Book Review site. While this site is branded Mundie Moms, this is not the YA side of Mundie Moms

This blog is strictly for all of our New Adult, Adult, Romance reviews, guest posts, blog tour, cover reveals & more. These books do deal with mature situations, and I would not recommend this site to those under 18. Some covers can be more provocative then on the other MM site, and the reviews, while not graphic, will mention mature situations, and sensual scenes not suited for young teens.

We're looking forward to sharing our professional reviews, as well as our more sarcastic side when it comes to reading some of the guilty pleasures we've picked up for our reading enjoyment. haha

Currently we're only accepting reviews from authors and publishers we've been working with on Mundie Moms. Being that this is not our active blog, we're not actively posting many reviews nor actively accepting review requests.

* We do not get paid for our reviews. Reviews are based solely on how the individual reviewer feels about the book. At no time are our reviews allowed to be quoted, copied etc. without permission.

If you're an author / publisher I've worked with in the past or have featured your book on any of the Mundie Moms sites, and would like your new adult/adult book to be featured, please feel free to contact me at: Katie - grownupbookreviews AT gmail.com


  1. You inspired be to start an adult blog too because I can't post Adult/Ne Adult reviews with the YA/MG blog. Thanks.

  2. Aw! Awesome! For me, I just can't put that content on my YA blog. There are some great NA/Adult books out there and I'm looking forward to discussing them on here.

  3. I just had to say I LOVE THE RUNES!! hahah:)