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Welcome to Grown Up Book Reviews: The Mundie Moms Grown Up Side of Book ReviewingFormerly known as the Mundie Moms Guilty Pleasures book review blog, GROWN UP BOOK REVIEWS, is our "mama blog" dedicated to all New Adult, Adult, and any other grown up books we enjoy reading. While YA is our primary focus, we do love reading outside of our norm, and we needed a place to post those reviews, hence the Grown Up Book Reviews blog. While this site is branded Mundie Moms, this is not the YA side of Mundie Moms. This site is strictly for all of our New Adult, Adult, Romance etc reviews. Some of these books do deal with mature situations, and I would not recommend this site to those under 18. Some covers can be more provocative than on the other MM site, and the reviews, while not graphic, will mention mature situations, and sensual scenes not suited for young teens.

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